Passing the Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) requirements entitles the local government unit to access the Performance Challenge Fund. Thru the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), an assessment was conducted in 2014 as the basis for the conferment of the 2015 Seal. The SGLG requires LGUs to meet the standards of three Core Components and at least one of its Essential Components.
The Municipality of Larena has only met the two criteria out of the three Core Components of the Seal, and has met all the three Essential Components. Unfortunately, based on the 2014 Governance Assessment Report, LGU-Larena failed to meet one Core Component which is the Social Protection.
To mention one indicator under Social Protection which enabled Larena of not passing the 2014 assessment is the Maternal Care Package (at least one RHU or BHC). Now, may we ask this question – have you tried to visit one of the first BEMONC Accredited Health Facility and the first to pass the PhilHealth Accreditation on MCP in the whole province of Siquijor as per records of the Department of Health and PhilHealth? For everybody’s information, it is the Rural Health Unit (RHU) of Larena, Siquijor. In fact RHU-Larena is the ONLY birthing facility operating on 24/7 among the six municipalities in the province of Siquijor. Also, to share the honor Larena has received, we are the first placer of the Rafael Salas Award in Region VII given by POPCOM 7. Therefore, some can’t help but wonder why we failed in this area.
However, accepting the result positively gives LGU-Larena the strength, inspiration and more challenge to do better and to continue the hard work and commitment for efficient and effective public service. After all, even without the Seal, if you will see and check the system, Larena has long been practicing good local governance.
Moreover, we should not crumple on the results of the SGLG because there are a lot of things in store for the development of the municipality of Larena. And what keeps us moving onwards is that Larena is not way far in the 2014 National Competitiveness Index, in fact out of 1,500 plus municipalities in the whole Philippines, Larena rank 70 both in the Local Economic Growth and Business Registration Efficiency, and rank 10 in Security (Peace and Order). In addition, as per record from the National Competitiveness Council, as of April 2015 update, the Municipality of Larena is categorized as First Class municipality. Now, isn’t that inspiring…?