Recent News

Excellence Award

Excellence Award is presented to the Municipality of Larena as BEST PERFORMING LGU on MOBILE BLOOD DONATION in Region VII, for achieving the target of 1% Community-Based Voluntary Blood Donors of the Total Population.

Plaque of Appreciation

Plaque of Appreciation is presented to Mayor Dean S. Villa for having completed the Municipal Leadership and Governance Program (Batch 1) and for his outstanding performance as a BRIDGING LEADER that has led to the transformation of the municipality of Larena.

Earth Hour 2016

TO: OWNERS/OPERATORS OF BUSINESS ESTABLISHMENTS IN THIS MUNICIPALITY The local government unit of Larena will join the global community in celebrating the 10th year of Earth Hour. In Line with this observance, the cities and municipalities all over the world will switch off their lights from 8:30 in the evening to 9:30 of the same continue reading : Earth Hour 2016

Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation is awarded to Municipality of Larena for successfully launching the DIABETES & HYPERTENSION HEALTH CLUB as a way to promote health and wellness.

Undas 2016

Celebrating Requiem Mass officiated by Rev. Fr. Ronnie Ablong at the Municipal Cemetery of Larena attended by the families, relatives &friends who visited the graves of their departed loved ones. Personnels of PNP, BFP, RHU, DRRMO, BPAT of barangays South and Cangbagsa, reservists, and the traffic enforcers of the municipality of Larena are in full continue reading : Undas 2016